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The 20 Most Adorable Crochet Bunny Patterns

Spring is such a lovely season! Days are longer and warmer, flowers start to blossom and bunnies come out. Take a look at the 20 most adorable crochet bunnies!

The 25 Prettiest Little Monkey Crochet Patterns

Monkeys are curious creatures; they love to play around and spend their free time teasing other animals and catching bugs. Take a look at the 25 prettiest little monkey patterns!

The 30 Cutest Crochet Bear Patterns

A teddy bear is every child's first best friend! The perfect companion of adventures, no matter if you’re six, thirty or seventy years old.

The 20 Cutest Baby Yoda (Grogu / The Child) Crochet Patterns

Whether you've already watched The Mandalorian or not, you can't deny the fact that Baby Yoda is really cute. Check my top 20 favorite Baby Yoda-inspired crochet projects.

The 30 Best Anime-Inspired Crochet Patterns

In the last decade, anime has become such a global phenomenon! Don't miss out on this Anime-Inspired Crochet Pattern compilation and make your favorite characters!

The 25 Coolest Crochet Dinosaur Patterns

Crochet dinos come in all sizes and colors! From bitesize Brachiosauruses to poseable predators with a realistic design, there’s something in here for everyone, beginner or expert.

The 25 Most Adorable Crochet Octopus Patterns

What is not to love about this ocean animal? These 25 crochet patterns will turn you inevitably and irreversibly into an octopus lover.

The 25 Most Adorable Dog Plush Crochet Patterns

We all love dogs! They're selfless and loyal, and will stand by you through thick and thin. Check our 25 favorite dog plush patterns.

The 15 Luckiest Lunar New Year Crochet Patterns

Chinese New Year is widely celebrated all around the world. Welcome the Year Of The Rabbit with these 15 Lunar New Year Crochet Patterns!

The 20 Most Unique Valentine's Day Crochet Patterns

Valentine’s Day is around the corner! If you haven’t started planning your gifts, don’t worry! We’ve created a compilation with all our favorite Valentine’s Crochet Patterns just for you!

The 25 Yummiest Crochet Food Patterns

Are you a foodie at heart? If so, you'll definitely want to check out these 25 yummy crochet food patterns! From fruit and vegetables to burgers and pizza, these patterns will satisfy your appetite for both crafting and food.

The 25 Best Star Wars Crochet Patterns

From the forests of Kashyyyk to the deserts of Tatooine, you can find a great variety of fascinating creatures in the Star Wars universe. Take a look at our favorite 25 Star Wars inspired crochet patterns.

The 20 Cutest Crochet Baby Toys And Blankets

Making toys and blankets for babies is incredibly fun! If you’re a fellow crocheter who’s about to become a parent, grandparent, aunt, or uncle, don’t miss out on this compilation!

The 25 Coolest Crochet Owl Patterns

Owls are such magnificent birds and some might say "the wisest birds" around. You will love this owl-inspired crochet project compilation.

The 25 Purr-fect Crochet Cat Toy Patterns

Just like us, kittens use playtime to relieve anxiety, build strength and stay healthy. Check out my 25 favorite crochet cat toy patterns.

The 25 Best Dragon Crochet Patterns

Dragons are probably one of the most fascinating mythological creatures that have ever existed. Check out my 25 favorite dragon crochet patterns.

The 25 Cutest Cactus Crochet Patterns

What I really love about a crochet cactus is that it doesn’t require any water to survive. Check out my 25 favorite cactus crochet patterns.

The 25 Prettiest Crochet Doll Patterns

Crochet dolls are the perfect gifts for girls of any age. We have put together a list of the cutest crochet dolls that we could find for you to pick from.

The 25 Most Colorful Easter Crochet Patterns

Easter is such a fun holiday! From garland making to egg painting to home decorating there are just so many options to immerse yourself in DIY. Don't miss this Easter-inspired crochet projects compilation!

The 30 Most Beautiful Christmas Crochet Patterns

The most wonderful time of the year is just around the corner! If you haven’t started your decorations this year, here are some ideas for you.

The 25 Best Crochet Thanksgiving Patterns

Thanksgiving is a day where families get together, share a meal and are thankful for the blessings of the past year. Celebrate with these 25 amazing Thanksgiving patterns!

The 25 Cutest Crochet Autumn Animals

Fall is a wonderful season, full of changes, movement, and beautiful colors! We made a compilation of the cutest autumn animals just for you. Check it out!

The 25 Coziest Crochet Dog (and Cat) Sweater Patterns

It's starting to get cold out there, which means that we can now start making outfits for our furry babies! Check out out favorite pet sweater patterns for this season!

The 30 Spookiest Halloween Crochet Patterns

The spookiest time of the year is approaching soon and we must get ready for it! Here are the 30 spookiest crochet projects for you to try. Disclaimer: Not for the faint-hearted!

The 30 Best Pokemon Crochet Plush & Patterns

When I was 11 years old I fell in love with Pokemon. Twenty years later, I still love it! Check out my 30 favorite Pokemon-inspired patterns!

The 20 Loveliest Crochet Leaf Patterns

Nature is simply amazing! Have you seen how many shapes, textures, and colors there are out there? Enjoy these 20 crochet leaf patterns!

The 25 Coolest Crochet Unicorn Patterns

Every little girl’s dream is to own a unicorn. So, why not make it? Take a look at the 25 coolest crochet unicorn patterns.

The 25 Most Huggable Crochet Stuffed Animals

As a way to honor the diversity of our planet, we’ve decided to create a compilation with our 25 favorite crochet stuffed animals. Don't miss it!