Derpy Monster Gallery

Just some nice handmade things. Follow @derpymonst3r for more!
Highland Cow Rattle

A tiny baby Highland cow rattle I made for my little one! I named her Mooriel. You can get the free pattern here.

Eggs and Bacon

A delicious breakfast set made by the hands of Taryn's Wily Hook! Check the pattern here.

Tall Giraffe

Lovely giraffe pattern by @littlebearcrochets, and made by the hands of my lovely sister, Jenny. Perfect combo!

Cute Bunny

My sister learned how to crochet and made this beautiful bunny plushie following the pattern by @amourfou. I'm so proud of her!

Teddy Bear

I made this soft teddy bear for my godson as a present for his Baptism.

Tiny Dog

This tiny dog was quite a challenge because I have big hands.

The Artist

I made this amigurumi doll for my artist friend @flaviarainoneart. I think I've captured her essence.


Here's the crochet version of my brother Sergio. Also known as "Crochergio".


I may or may not have added the sunglasses to cover up any mistakes caused by my complete lack of sewing skills.
Pattern by @chiacrafts

Octopus Squish

Funny story: At my first attempt at making the tentacles, I skipped one stitch, so it ended up having only 7 #fail
Pattern by Moogly Crochet.

Neon Cat

I made this rainbow cat for my little cousin. For his life to be always full of color.


I'm so in love with my new unicorn! I made this while traveling. Pattern by @amiimaker


I loved this incredible pattern by Yarnspirations! I won't lie, it was A LOT of work! But the end result was amazing so it was worth it.

Tiny Turtle

"Oh hi! Didn't see you there!" - I loved this pattern by Petit Bonnet. I'm planning to make like a million of these and give them out to friends.


I just finished making this cute little fella! His mane was quite a piece of work, but it was all worth it! 🙂 Pattern by @amigurushka

Partners in crime

What are these two up to? Whatever it is, I'm sure it can't be good... Everyone knows that when these two get together it means trouble!

Fluffy Penguin

Yeah, penguins are cute! But do you know what's even cuter? Fluffy penguins! ? I made this one using velvet yarn. You can find the pattern here.


Spotted a wild zebra today. Luckily, it was asleep. If you like this design, click here to check the pattern!

Baby Bunny

I made this adorable bunny for Baby Rafa ?I hope they can become best friends.
Pattern by @lululovesthemoon

Princess Leia

"Someday you're gonna be wrong, I just hope I'm there to see it"
Pattern by: Lucy Collin

Chubby Penguin

A friend was studying abroad, so I decided to make her a travel companion. You can find the pattern here.

Flora, the Succulent

I finally found the time to complete this project and I love it!
Pattern by @amourfou_crochet


What girl doesn't love her dinosaurs? Especially if they're this colorful!

Grammy Award

I made this little gift for my two-time Grammy award winning friend, because three makes a set.


"Aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?"
Pattern by Lucy Collin.


- Chewbacca.

Bunny in a Hood

I made this little bunny for my mom and she absolutely loved it!
Pattern by Once Upon A Cheerio.

Iryna The Jellyfish

This is one of my favorite projects of all time! I made it for a friend who loves sea creatures.


"When you look at the dark side, careful you must be. For the dark side looks back"
Pattern by Lucy Collin.

Sailor Moon

I still have no idea how I was able to make this with the little skill I had at the time.

Red Octopus

I made this to honor "Paul the Octopus" for his accurate predictions of the 2010 World Cup.

My first project

This was the first thing I ever made. It wasn't perfect, but I still love it 🙂