The 9 Best Crochet Kits for Beginners

The best crochet kits to help you get started.

That’s it! You’ve decided this is the year you’ll learn how to crochet. But where to begin? We know that picking a new creative hobby like crochet can be overwhelming. There are just so many types of yarns, hooks, and other things you don’t know what they’re for yet, and navigating in a sea of so many options can be scary. No worries! We’ve got you!

This post is aimed at helping you off to a good start! We’ve created a compilation of the best 9 kits for beginners (adults and kids). And if that’s you or anyone you might know, we encourage you to keep reading.

Crochet Kits

113-piece Crochet Kit
This set includes absolutely everything you need to immerse yourself in any crochet journey. This fantastic bundle includes 40 colors total of yarn (1600 Yards of crochet yarn), a 73-piece crochet hook kit with everything from ergonomic needles to stitch markers, and a waterproof and lightweight storage bag. And the price is unbeatable!
73-piece Premium Bundle
A starter pack for kids and adults which includes a unique 15-piece yarn palette (each spool contains 100 yards of yarn), 21 crochet hooks, different crochet supplies and accessories (like stitch markers, scissors, and measuring tape), an accessories container to keep your items organized, and a tote bag for storage and travel.
Coopay 62-piece Travel Crochet Set
Hands down the best gift for avid crocheters who are always on the move! This portable crochet bag includes a range of hook sizes from 0.6mm to 6mm in vibrant colors and ergonomic handles to help reduce pressure and fatigue, all kinds of crochet accessories and tools you need, and a great assortment of yarn.
BeCraftee Crochet Hooks Kit - 31 Piece Set
A very portable crochet hooks kit packed neatly in a convenient crochet bag. The set includes 9 hook sizes, 6 yarn needles, 10 stitch markers, 2 stitch holders, foldable scissors, measuring tape, a ruler, and a row counter. The hooks are long enough to use comfortably and come in different colors to find the right one quickly. Yarn is not included in this kit.
73-piece Premium Bundle
Ever wondered what the future of crochet looks like? This is it, folks! This device records the number of rows and stitches in real-time, and can also store the data of the last stitch and last row. It has 12 interchangeable heads with hook sizes from 2.0 mm - 8.0 mm and an integrated led-glowing light that will allow you to work in the dark.
The Woobles Beginners Crochet Kit with Easy Peasy Yarn
Sometimes the best way to start something is with a first project. This is what this beginner kit is all about! Along with easy-to-follow video tutorials, this set includes every piece you’ll need to start crocheting. The kit also comes with pre-started yarn, eyes, a yarn needle, a crochet hook, stuffing, and a bag that holds it all. And Pierre The Penguin is extremely cute!
Disney Tim Burton's: The Nightmare Before Christmas Crochet
An all-time favorite! If you’re a fan of The Nightmare Before Christmas then this bundle is perfect for you! The kit contains everything you need to crochet Jack Skellington and Sally, and includes instructions to create 10 more characters. Definitely, the most fun way to pick up a new skill!
Crochet Dogs: 10 Adorable Projects for Dog Lovers
This fantastic crochet kit provides instructions to crochet ten different breeds of dogs, including a Dalmatian, Standard Poodle, Husky, Corgi, Chihuahua, Boston Terrier, Pug, Dachshund, Schnauzer, and a Labrador puppy! Plus, the set includes all the materials you’ll need to create two of the cuddly doggy designs.
Boye Jonah's Hands Cute Critters Beginners Crochet Kit for Kids and Adults
Excellent as a beginner's crochet for kids, this set is designed for ages 10 and up and comes with detailed, full-color instructions on how to make 3 adorable projects, including an owl, koala, and cat. The kit comes with yarn, crochet hooks (sizes H & K), a yarn needle, buttons, a sewing needle, floss, stuffing, and instructions.
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